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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 8 : The Sustainable Collaboration

Date : 4th May 2010 (Tuesday)
Venue : Tallangatta Secondary College

Period 1 :
Attended Daily Briefing and Mrs Janet Floyd Homegroup Discussions

Period 2:
DISCUSSIONS – Design and Technology Project

Mr Jim, Mrs Janet Floyd and I discussed on possibilities of technology project by sharing hands on activities and lesson plan over the Learning Management System (LMS). Aspects that the Invention subject can collaborate with Design and Technology are sharing of modules of invention over the blog or LMS as well as lesson plans.

Period 3 :

CLASS VISIT – Food Technology

In food technology class with Mrs Kerry Love. I showed two of the students how to make a Puding Sagu Gula Melaka and they recorded all the making process. The students were supposed to upload the photos to their Digital Portfolio blog and explain the process. I also shown the rest of the class on sample of my food websites at to give them ideas on how to create their food websites.

Mrs Kerry Love used the intranet technology, websites, computers, screen and LCD projectors.

Period 4 :

Mr Jeff, Mrs Janet Floyd and I discussed aspects of collaboration for the science subject. We agreed on Jeff’s suggestion which was an environmental letter writing that to be handwritten and posted using the postal services. The aim is to raised environmental awareness among the students, enhance their English literacy, questioning skills in asking and responding to questions, to give new value and belief of appreciation when received a handwritten letters, and friendships between two countries. In Australia a handwritten cover is needed when writing a resume for a job.

The assessment and requirements is to be created by Mr Jeff where the subject will begin in July next semester. It is suggested that 25 students of TSC will be given 25 names and photos of students in SMKDPM. The letter will be sent and received in a large envelope after photocopying the original letters.

Period 5 :

CLASS VISIT – LOTE Indonesian Language

I went to an Indonesian Language class by Mrs Yanti Grant. The class had 12 students from Year 9 to Year 11. The students introduced themselves using Indonesian language and had a conversation with me. I also gave the the differences in some of the words in Malay Language compared to Indonesian Language. For examples :
Dingin – Sejuk (Malaysia)
Lelah – Penat (Malaysia)

Then the students taught me a few Australian slang. Examples of Australian slang are :
Bangers and Mash – Potatoes and Sausages
Hard Yakka – Hardworking
Sandwich – Sanga
Kangaroo – Roo
Food – Tucka
Spud – Potatoes
Snags – Sausages
Cup of tea – Cuppa
Mistake - Bugger
Toilet – Dunny

Period 6 :

22 schools including TSC were connected with Melbourne Zoo to give information on Orang Utan and their habitat. The program was also a campaign to stop forest clearing which were done to plant Palm Oil and discourage the use of Palm Oil for a reason that is to protect Orang Utan habitats.

Period 7 :
CLASS VISIT - Metalworks

In Mr Jim’s class of Metalworks at Design and Technology building. He showed me the infrastructure, hand tools and power machines that were used in teaching the technology subject. He also showed some of the previous student work examples in Invent It subject. We discussed on simple and cheap method of teaching the thinking skills in product creation. Then he gave me some project handouts to give me some ideas in how to start the project.


Homestay with Glenda and Ted

They planted wine grapes, olives, quiches, vegetables, fruits and had horses, pony, dogs and rabbit. They also produced self consumed wines, olive oils, jams, pickles and sweets.

We bushwalked up the hill behind their house. They showed and explained the beautiful valleys and rivers, lake Hume and Tallangatta town. It was a breathtaking scenery even though its quite windy up there.

During the night Ted, who is also a photographer, showed me some of his pictures taken at several mountains around Australia and Tasmania. Since he was a geologist, there were pictures of the same places were taken in different season especially spring and winter. The photos were awesome and magnificient. Australia is beautiful..


- Similarities in tools used in technology subject

- Since Tallangatta is a small town the farm culture is different from the farm in Sabah, Malaysia.
- The technology subject here had more extensive tools and machines that were big and expensive. All materials provided by the school for example woods and stainless steel metal.


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