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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 3 : Its all about Teaching and Learning

Date : 29th April 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 9.00am – 10.00 am
Event : Engaging Science and Math by Andrew Popov, a Senior Policy Officer at St Andrews Place.

Efforts to attract students attention and interest in Science and Mathematics through 4 priority action areas which were Infrastructure, Strategic Partnership, Workforce Capacity, Resources to Support a Contemporary curriculum. The development of infrastructures to boost Science and Math are Ecoline:

1. Ecoline – Sustainable Environment Practices
2. GTAC – Molecular and Cell Biology
3. The Victorian Space Science Education Centre – Space Science
4. Victorian Bioscience Education Centre – Bioscience and Health Science
5. Earth Science Education Centre – Renewable Energies
6. Quantum Victoria - Physical Science

And also with the development of John Monash Science School and 42 BER Science Centre Schools. Students in Victoria in other school can visits the centre and developed interest in Science and Mathematics and their application. Innovative use of ICT through outreach program and the use of Ultranet to help teacher in teaching and learning.

Strategic Partnership is where a department selected company will collaborate with schools in helping them in teaching and learning. A prementoring program in the strategic partnership where a student in university will voluntarily assist teacher in teaching and learning of science and math at school. They will bring teaching and learning materials from the university.

Time : 10.30 am- 11.30 am
Event : Workshop on Thinking Skills by Libby Tudball, from Monash University.

Libby began by a hands on De-Bono Six Thinking Hats
- White : Facts
- Red : Feel
- Green : Creative Possibilities to solve problems
- Yellow : Positive ways to think and act
- Black or Purple : Negative Issues to face
- Blue : What actions are needed

All activities or thinking skills are used to promote engagement of students in teaching and learning process by applying all multiple intelligence to support students abilities.

Time : 12.30pm
Event : Official Welcome Lunch
An official welcome lunch by Sue Christophers, a General Manager from International Education Division, DEECD. Souvenirs were presented to participants as well as exchange gift between the Department of Education of both Malaysia and Australia.

Time : 1.00 pm
Event : Visits to Strathmore Secondary College, Pascoe Vale Road, Victoria.

Strathmore Secondary College is where the Space Lab or The Victorian Space Science Education Centre which focused on Space Science. Students from other schools can visit, use and experience the content and technology used in the Space Lab. The Victorian Space Science Education Centre was established to promote the learning of science.
After visiting Strathmore Secondary College we went on Tour of The City to Parl House, Captain Coks Cottage, Eureka Towers, Federation Square, St. Hilda Beach, Southbank etc. Returned to hotel at 5.00 pm and dinner with Helen and Saritha.


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