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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 9 : Open Minded Society

Date : 5th May 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue : Tallangatta Secondary College

Period 1 :
Attended Daily Briefing and Mrs Janet Floyd Homegroup Discussions

Period 2 & 3 :
DISCUSSIONS – With Local Community Members

A meeting with local community members of Tallangatta Secondary College principal, Mr Albert Freijah, Ms Kate Wilson, principal of Tallangatta Primary School, Mr Ashley Marsh, principal of St. Marcus Catholic Primary School, Mr John Dean, a representative of Tallangatta Health Service, Mrs Julianna Phelps, a Chief Executive Officer of Shire Council, Mrs Janet Floyd, Senior Leading Teacher and me.

The meeting began with a welcome speech and introductions from Tallangatta Secondary College principal to all community members. Then Mrs Janet Floyd delivered an overview of the Malaysia-Australia Sister School Relationship program.

After multimedia slide show on SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Mrs Janet Floyd presented the suggested and agreed draft of partnership focus into environmental issues, curriculum and cultural exchange. Mr Albert Freijah explained opportunities for community involvement in this program as some of the their students may have students exchange and homestay with the Malaysian students.

Period 4 & 5 :

DISCUSSIONS – With Janet Floyd

We discussed issues on Strategic Plan, process of reviewing the strategic plan, Personal Best Program and Youth Council.

Youth Council is a committee which consist of 5 selected students from secondary school (TSC), 3 students from primary school and 2 students from the catholic primary school. This Youth Council will meet with the local Shire Council of Tallangatta where they discussed on problems, wishes and needs of the teenager in school for their community in Tallangatta.

Period 6 :
HERALD INTERVIEW – With Tim Croucher

Herald is TSC news bulletin that produce a twice per month bulletin circulation for the school and community around Tallangatta. The bulletin printed by local printing company for free.

Tim interviewed me on the Sister School Program and my experience in Australia especially in Tallangatta including similarities and differences of teaching and learning between Australia dan Malaysia education.

Period 7 :
DISCUSSIONS – Personal Best Program

Discussed the opportunities for collaboration of Personal Best Program module into the Sister School Program. Personal Best Program is a compulsory program for Year 9 students to improve engagement and joy in learning. Local research had shown that students were less engaged and more bored by schooling at Year 9 than at any other year level.

Some of the suggested opportunities were :
- Cultural Comparison in Beliefs and Values Module : where students exchange emails about culture on both sides of any topics

- New Skills Module : where students posted instruction, steps , photos and videos of a local dance (or a local games) through blog or wikispaces. Then they may assess or give comments on their sister school skills by watching how they dances through skypes. At SMKDPM, this could be organized by the Cultural Club (Kelab Kebudayaan)

- Community Services : The Australian partnership of Sister School do their community services by helping their Malaysia Sister School improving their English through conversation in the skypes. At SMKDPM this could be done under the English Club or English Subject.

Homestay with Yanti Grant

Yanti Grant teach Indonesian Language and has been in Australia since she married her Australian husband 23 years ago. She had a qualification as a Lawyer in Indonesia and had undergo education training in Australia before she becomes a teacher here.


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