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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Teacher's Sister School Visit to Tallangatta

Our next project is Teacher's Sister School visit to TSC and Melbourne from 24 November 2013 to 3rd December 2013.  The teachers who will be involved in this visit are :

1. Madam Naimah Hj Din ( Student's Affair Senior Assistant)
2. Mohd. Fadley Fauzi (Counsellor)
3. Badinah Bianis (Head of Student's Affair Unit for the Form Six - Pre University)
4. Nainey Ajik ( Head of the Resource Centre)

The objective of this visit is to obtain best practices of student’s management as well as teaching and learning process.

GreenBox Letters From Malaysia to Australia

 All 42 letters are ready to be posted to Australia today.

 The name list of students with their GreenBox pen-pal

Some of the letters for 'Climate/Weather" topic

This GreenBox Letters from SMKDPM is supervised by Teacher Chong Pik Yen and Teacher Irene Lung

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