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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy First Day at DPM

Activities started with program briefing by Teacher Surie to TSC delegates at Bilik Gerakan and afterwards had a school orientation around the school.  Then Olivia, Emily, Georgia, Ryan and Zachary joined their sister school students in 5B, 5A and 4A class to attend the teaching and learning process at SMKDPM.  Mr Con and Janet were having English Interaction in 5F, 3A, 5B and 6R3 class with respective teachers.

Olivia at Mrs Fay Science Class

Mr. Con explaining the 30cm Rules implemented at TSC to students of 5B
Students were keen to learn about school at Tallangatta Secondary College and ask questions about the similarities and differences between the two systems. They discovered that the expectations of students and the way they interact together were not as different as they may have thought.
Emily and Georgia at Mr. Yeo Chemistry Class

 Zachary and Ryan at 5A History Class with Teacher Judy

Janet with Teacher Su at 3A English Class

After a question and answer session, the students in 3A presented a performance of dance and songs that they had prepared for the occasion, as well as exchanging gifts.

Mr. Con at 5F English Class with Mr. Johnston

Janet answering questions from students of 6R3 Class 
The students in 6R3 then performed an interesting drama they had written for their class. This was a story of a "love triangle" where the central character was caught out in the end, losing both his love interests due to his dishonest behaviour. The play had many of the same kind of characters and story line Janet had seen appear in performances back at TSC - obviously themes which interest students regardless of their culture!

After the first classes, we all met at 11.30 am for the Assembly with the afternoon session students. After an introduction of the group to the assembly by Surie, Con addressed the assembly to explain about the culture of Tallangatta Secondary College and the importance of the sister school relationship to our college.

Green Box Letter Delivery
After the assembly and lunch we all visited the Cyberlab 1 where the students from 1A and 2A were eagerly awaiting the delivery of the letters written by students at TSC as part of the Greenbox project. The letters were handed out to all students with a commitment that they would have answer written by Monday!

Monsopiad Cultural Village
Visit to Monsopiad Cultural Village at Penampang in the afternoon.  We were met there by Mrs Winnie Jimis, Mr. Donald K.Pete, Mr. Max Greater and other Homestay sisters. 

Mr. Con tried the Sumpit (Blowpipe)

Ryan with the Blowpipe

Group photo at House of Skulls, Monsopiad Cultural Village with the sixth generation of Monsopiad

 High Tea at Mrs Winnie's house
Special thanks to Winnie, Kely and their family for the specially prepared food and their hospitality.

* photo credit to Max Greater, Medi and Surie


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