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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 3 - September 25 - Out and about - Markets, Orangutan and a special evening.

Today started with breakfast together in the school canteen, followed by a visit to the Tamu Donggongon market to see and sample the wide variety of foods, tropical fruits and crafts for sale. The market takes place twice weekly, with sellers bringing goods from far and wide to service the area.

At 9.00 a.m we returned to school to visit a range of co-curricular activities including aerobics on the oval, as well as visiting classes in Maths and English.

After lunch we headed off to Rasa Ria Resort Conservation centre to visit our adopted orangutan. Rasa Ria play an important role in educating members of the local community and tourists on the importance of protection of the environment and the orangutan, one of Malaysia's most endangered species. Once we had viewed the introductory program, we were able to walk along the Jungle walk to the viewing platform to see our adopted "children". On return from the walk, Jan and Dannielle also decided to adopt a mango tree to be planted in the reserve.

On return to SMKDPM we all returned to our host families to get ready for a special night. We were fortunate to be invited to the Kadazan wedding of Ethelbert Pipin and his new wife Carol. As part of this celebration we were guests at the "Miohon Pinisi" which is the ice-breaking ceremony between the couple. Miohon Pinisi means "Bertukar Suap" in Bahasa Melayu where the couples exchange rice and chicken soup from a wok, feeding each other,symbolising the importance and responsibility for caring for each other in their marriage. The event was a traditional part of every Kadazan wedding in the past and is still often practised today.

We were honoured to be invited and enjoyed a wonderful night of celebration filled with outstanding hospitality, delicious food, love, fun and laughter. A night which will never be forgotten. Thank you to the young couple and their families for allowing us to be part of their special occasion.


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