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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 10 : Freezing in Athletic Carnival

Date : 6th May 2010 (Thursday)

Period 1 :
Daily Briefing and Homegroup Discussions

Period 3 :
Schools Athletics Carnival
A one day school’s Athletic Carnival in a very cold autumn with temperature of 13 degree celcius. A fire had been set up to enable students and teachers to warm themselves during the carnival.

Theres a 200m relay which just for the purpose of students engagement in sports. It will mix between gender and Year. Their participation will contribute to points in their sport house.

Period 4 & 5 :
Sister School Jurnal and Report Writing

Period 6 & 7 :
DISCUSSION – Professional Development

A brief discussion with Jacqui Veal about Professional Development for teachers. Every teachers were required to list their Professional Development they wish to have in a year. Professional Development can be in a way that a teacher request a senior teacher or a teacher that has certain skills to come and help them.

It also can be a request from the principal to go for certain courses that offered by the department. That teacher then are required to teach other teachers in school on content of the courses. Teachers also can appy for professional development courses by BASTOWS if they wish to go further in their career path.

Homestay with Yanti Grant

Dinner with a few of her Indonesian and Malaysian friends at Wodonga.

Other type of sports in School Carnival already carried out before the Sports Carnival itself for example swimming which were done in summer.- Professional Development also can be school based, handled by the Government or from recognized institute.

Teachers request the professional development for themselves which must be written compulsory in the annual review. However, usually the courses must be reviewed first by the Senior Leading teacher incharge of the Staff Development and approved by principal.


  1. You were lucky Surie - its been even colder in the mornings this week, but the afternoons are beautiful. Lots of morning fog - but still no rain.

  2. Janet, I love fog there because its so beautiful especially from the hills. However the cold temperature is a nice experience for me. Thank you.



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