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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Day in SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin

Date : 12 July 2010 - Monday

7.00 am : Weekly Assembly :
Introduction to Students and Teachers
Tallangatta Secondary College presentation by Janet Floyd

8.30 am :Introduction to morning session teachers

9.00 am : School Orientation by Ronald, Mayrilyn and Brittany
Mayrilyn and Brittany were appointed as my Liaison officers due to their roles in the Council. Both are in Form 4 and Mayrilyn is one of the Council Vice-Presidents. They were outstanding examples of the school student leadership program. As well as the tour on the first day, they met me every each morning and made sure that I was able to find my way around, appearing like clockwork at the end of each session to ensure I reached my next location. Their knowledge of all aspects of the school and its programs, combined with their ability to discuss the school’s achievements and challenges was exceptional. A strong sense of pride in and belonging to the school community was obvious and they were outstanding ambassadors for SMKDPM.

10.00 am : Meeting with principal and senior assistants
Briefing on Curriculum aspects with Senior Assistant (Administration), Fay Mogindol

12.00 pm : Lunch

1.20 pm : Join Morning prayer (Meetings for all teachers and administration)
Despite my misunderstanding of this session, it was in fact the weekly staff meeting held in the Library Resource Centre for the teachers of the morning session. A similar session is held for the afternoon session teachers each week. Issues discussed ranged from daily management concerns to explanation of administrative requirements in relation to the exams and reporting expectations.
These meetings are sometimes replaced by staff activities on a Saturday to promote staff cohesiveness and collegiality.

Homestay with Mohd Ramzie Faizal

Ramzie is in charge of School discipline. He is originally from Sarawak. His wife is a teacher at a Mission School. Mission schools, as the name indicates were originally established by Christian missionaries. They are now fully assimilated into the national education system.

Unfortunately a heavy downpour limited the activities planned for my visit, instead we shared a meal and then went for a tour around Kota Kinabalu.
Thank you for looking after me, the meal we shared, the city tour and welcoming me into your home, Ramzie. Maybe one day in the future we will met again under the durian trees!


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