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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 11 : Last Day in Tallangatta

Date : 7th May 2010 (Friday)

Period 1 :
Attended Daily Briefing

Period 2 & 3 :
CLASS VISIT – VCE LOTE : A Videoconferencing Class

Went to Mrs Janet Floyd Indonesian Language class. The class used Videoconferencing technology to connect to a school in Beechworth. There are 3 students in class, 2 from Tallangatta Secondary College and 1 from Beechworth Secondary College.

Videoconferencing usually used when the school had less than 5 students in that subject and the distance between the schools are very big.

Period 4 & 5 :
Sister School Report Writing and Projects Finalisation

Lunch Time :
Discuss Wikispace Implementation in English Language with Julie Burrows

Depart to Melbourne


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