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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thank you and farewell - until next time

Terima kasih dan selamat tinggal - sehingga masa depan!

And so our fantastic journey has come to an end! We take away with us so many memories of our visit - new experiences, sights and tastes of Malaysia and its vital culture, meeting our orang utan children, visiting special places around Sabah, but most of all memories of the wonderful hospitality and warmth of all the students and teachers of SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin and their families!

At the risk of overlooking someone, I wish to thank the following people who made our visit so memorable:-
Our wonderful hosts

  • Jane Thecla Bensing Vonih and her family
  • Kimberly Vung and family
  • Sharmaine Suemunie and family
  • Rinie Sheriezah and family
  • Veneda Angelia Joe and family
  • Winnie Jimis, Kely, Deanne and family
  • Nainey Ajik and her family 
  • Pengetua Nurani Fauziah Derin, Pn. Fay Hameliene Mogindol, En. Salehan Timin, Pn. Naimah Hj. Din, Judy Liew, Yap and other staff at SMKDPM
  • The best driver in Sabah, Medi, Max Greater and his family for accompanying us and documenting our many activities with his wonderful photos and all of the students from the SMKDPM trip to Tallangatta in 2011 who welcomed us and shared with us - including the irrepressible Carl!
  • To Badinah and Nainey who filled our days with adventure, laughter and friendship
And most importantly
To my dear friend Suriyati Aziz whose hard work and quiet dedication to our Sister school relationship and personal support has made it all possible!  Terima kasih sentiasa kawan baikku.

Saya memohon maaf jika saya telah terlepas pandang sesiapa yang berkongsi masa mereka dan persahabatan mereka dengan kami.Kepada semua guru dan pelajar di SMKDPM, kita tidak akan lupa anda dan kebaikan anda kepada kita semua. Terima kasih banyak.


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