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Monday, September 24, 2012

3rd Day : Saturday Outdoor Activities

Visit to Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre at Shangri La Rasa Ria Resort.

A golden opportunity and good luck when we were able to take pictures with the 2 years old Orang Utan baby during the handing over certificate of Orang Utan Adoption programme to Tallangatta Secondary College.

Both Sister Schools of Tallangatta Secondary College and SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin have adopted three female Orang Utan, named Katie, Wulan and TenTen. TenTen is also a 2 years old baby Orang Utan which is the same age as the baby Orang Utan named Timbang in this photo ....

SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin also adopted a Koala in Australia and has collected fund for the Koala.

This was a great chance to learn about the rehabilitation program at Rasa Ria and also observe the two older Orang Utan  - Wulan and Katie - at the feeding platform. It was interesting to see the work being done to educate the young people of Malaysia about the importance of protecting these animals and their habitat. After a short walk to the platform, it was obvious that these beautiful animals were quite comfortable to be observed at the feeding platform and to entertain the crowd gathered to see these remarkable creatures - amongst the most endangered in this area.

We were lucky to be allowed to have our photo taken with Timbang for the presentation of our sponsorship certificates and photos of our 3 "adopted children".

TSC group with Badinah, Nainey, Medi - Sabah's best driver- and Danila and Vera from the Environmental  Club

Afterwards the TSC group went to visit the Upside Down House or "Rumah Terbalik" at Tamparuli.  Everything is upside down including a car parking in a garage.

Georgia hit the gong as an official announcement that visitors are going to enter the house.

 Group Photo

Enjoying Barbeque Coconut (Kelapa Bakar) and Barbeque Mussels at Sepanggar

We also drove to Signal Hill to view Kota Kinabalu from the lookout.

Students once again returned to their families, whilst Janet and Con had the pleasure of attending a dinner at the Gayang restaurant with members of the school administration, including Principal Madam Fauziah, Sister School Coordinator at SMKDPM Surie Aziz, Assistant Principal Fay, Judy Liew, Badinah and Nainey.


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