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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4th Day : Relaxing With Homestay Activities

Activities with Home Stay FamiliesOn Sunday, members of the TSC group enjoyed a range of activities with their different families. Con and Janet had the pleasure of spending their day with their hosts Winnie and Kely and family and Nainey respectively, as well as Badinah, Steffira and her family and Carl and his family and once again our wonderful colleague and driver Medi.
Sunday was a free activity with host family.  Mr. Con and Janet were brought to Kundasang and Ranau by Badinah, Nainey, Medi, Max's family, Mrs Winnie's family and Carl's family.

 War Memorial Park, Kundasang, Sabah

One of the most moving parts of the trip was our visit to the War Memorial Park at Kundasang. This war memorial is dedicated to those Australian and British servicemen who died as prisoners of war during the Sandakan to Ranau death marches during World War Two. These marches took place between January and July 1945 with the forced movement, in 3 separate stages, of British and Australian POWs held at Sandakan to the area of Ranau, a trek of about 250 kilometers through some of the most difficult and inpenetrable jungle on the island. Of the 2434 prisoners imprisoned at Sandakan, 1787 were Australian and the remaining 641 were British. Six Australians who escaped from the Sandakan Death March were the sole survivors of this atrocity.

The War Memorial Park at Kundasang pays tribute to these men and to members or the local population who risked their lives to try to assist the POWs.
Memorial displays at Kundasang
Fruit, vegetables and food goodies at Kundasang

Janet with Steffira's mother

* Photo credit : Max Greater, Homestay Sisters

Mr. Hamdan's family with Emily


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