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Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 November 2011 : Welcome To Tallangatta Secondary College

Reported by Janet Floyd : Tallangatta Secondary College

On Monday morning students set of from a range of destinations with their host family members to arrive at school by 8.30 am. The range of transport included walking, cars, buses and even a boat across the river to then catch a bus! Students reported in to teachers Fay, Badinah, and Nainey to check all were well and share stories of the weekend.

Teachers Fay, Badinah and Fay were introduced to all staff at the teachers' briefing which starts off each day. Students were met by their host students and new friends and went to Home Group which held at the beginning of the day for students to check attendance and give out special notices for the day.

After Home group, students went off to a range of classes with their host students and the teachers had a meeting with TSC Principal Alby Freijah and Assistant Principal Con Madden to discuss aspects of the Victorian education system.

Following the recess break, most students went to a different class, whilst Steffira, Akyra, Basil and Carl gave a presentation about the Law in Malaysia and also the Malaysian education system to a group of Year 7 & 8 students (Form 1 & 2). They did an excellent job, spoke clearly and answered questions from the class. Congratulations on an interesting presentation.

During the lunch break, students spent time with new friends, caught up with events over the weekend and some looked at an exhibition of Visual Communication and Art work completed by the year 12 students throughout the year.

Next we took a short walk to visit the Tallangatta Primary School. Students were spread out through the different classes to join in activities and help the students with their work. This included art, reading, maths and some computer activities. Teacher Fay presented a book about Malaysia to Mrs Mandy Elliott, Principal of Tallangatta Primary School. We then worked slowly up the hill in the Malaysia-style hot and humid weather to return to TSC, collect bags, find host "brothers and sisters' to catch the bus home.


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