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Saturday, November 12, 2011

12 November 2011: Action packed day in Melbourne

Reported by Janet Floyd, Tallangatta Secondary College

The last day in Melbourne was an action packed day. After breakfast at the hotel Miami, we boarded the bus and John drove us to the Victoria Market - again! A frantic 2 hours was spent looking for the final souvenirs and presents for families at home.

Next we headed to the Melbourne Museum. The museum kept every body interested browsing the different displays ranging from creatures under the sea, the mysteries of the insect world and the development of the earth's surface to the mysteries of the human body and the history of Melbourne. The allocated time rapidly disappeared.

On the bus again, we headed back to Southbank where John managed to find a bus park right at the from of the Eureka building. After a quick lunch we went to the Eureka Skydeck where the lift took us skyward at an amazing 88 floors in 36 seconds. All of our Malaysian guests decided to conquer "The Edge" so enjoyed the view whilst waiting their turn in the glass bottomed cubicle.
Back on the ground, we once again boarded the bus for the DFO at South Wharf f0r MORE shopping.

View of Federation Square from the Eureka Skydeck

Finally we headed off to the Ice House. Here most had their first experience of ice skating. After a tentative start Deanne, Jane and Kimberly were soon confidently moving across the rink, whilst other stayed closer to the security of the walls to keep them on their feet - most of the time. 2 1/2 hours later all had started to feel the cold so it was time to move on again.

After returning to the Miami, we walked to Errol St, North Melbourne to try a range of cuisines for the last evening meal in Australia. Back at the hotel, it was then time to repack bags to fit in all of the new purchases ready for an early start on Sunday.


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