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Saturday, November 5, 2011

6 November 2011 : Homestay

Reported by Janet Floyd : Tallangatta Secondary College

Today students were scattered around the area with their homestay families, so had a range of experiences. Fay and Badinah spent the day visiting some places close to Tallangatta. First we drove out of the town and drove up to the lookout just out of town, to see Tallangatta nestled below.

Next we headed to the Oze-Life Sanctuary at Ettamogah just north of Albury. It was very quiet with few visitors. First we were greeted by the kangaroos who were eager to be fed, including one mother with a joey in its pouch. Next we were able to convince the worker who was feeding the animals to allow us to go into the koala enclosure. Fay and Badinah were able to pat the 2 resident koalas, although cuddles were not allowed as the koalas have quite sharp claws.

After the sanctuary we returned to Albury for lunch followed by a drive to Beechworth. Unfortunately our travels were cut short by heavy rains and thunderstorms which convinced us to turn back to Tallangatta.

Students undertook a range of activities with their families. These included sight seeing around the area, camping, fishing, cuddling lambs and other farm animals and walks around the local farms. Several students also went to visit the markets and other activities at the Celtic Festival at Beechworth, an historic gold mining town about 65 kms from Tallangatta.


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