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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 2 - 24 September Student and Environmental Focus

This morning we had a meeting with the members of the Student Council as well as class monitors and prefects. They told us about the roles and responsibilities they fill in the school. The SMKDPM students fill a far more active role on a daily basis than the students at TSC. After a little shy hesitation, the students enthusiastically asked questions about school at Tallangatta, ranging from classes studied and choices students have in Australia, to extra curricula activities and mobile phone policies!  It was great to catch up with Lisa Nusi, one of the Student Council members, who had visited Tallangatta on our first student trip in 2011.

Next we made a visit to St Michael's Catholic Secondary School which is also in Penampang. Like SMKDPM, St Michael's has a strong focus on environmental programs, working with the students and the community on environmental education and sustainability programs.  After a presentation about the school's programs and its success, we were taken on a guided tour of the school and its gardens.

After lunch we visited Winnie and her support crew to see the activities prompted by CLEAR (Community-Led Environmental Awareness for our River). This organisation was officially established in February 2012 by the people living along the lower banks of the Moyog River. They run community education programs and activities including the use of composting and organic farming and replanting along the river banks to improve practices along the river and protect it from further pollution.   CLEAR 's key objective is to promote greater awareness and practical action to promote greater awareness and practical action to protect rivers in Malaysia and to restore the river to be a central focus in the lives of the people.

Winnie has been an active supporter of the Sister School relationship through previous connections to SMKDPM.  It was interesting to see the progress being made by the group.

Aussie Food in Malaysia
On Wednesday evening we all had the pleasure of visiting the home of Judy Liew (The Discipline BOSS at SMKDPM). Dannielle, who is the TSC Hospitality teacher, supported by Jan who also teaches food classes, worked hard, improvising with different utensils, to prepare an "Aussie" meal for all of the TSC visitors and their hosts. This included prawn cocktail entree, followed by lamb casserole. Thanks to Judy, Boni and Delaine for their hospitality and all of the hosts for their wonderful friendship. A great evening!


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