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Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Tour on Sunday

 29th June 2014

In the morning Jacqui was brought to the 'Tamu Gaya Street' or Sunday market by Teacher Artina and her husband.  In Malay language, ‘Tamu’ means open-air market. Traditionally a place where farmers, fishermen and vendors trade their produce, Sabah’s Tamu has certainly evolved to become a favorite hang-out place for locals and tourists.

In the afternoon, Jacqui and the 'Kelab Pencinta Alam' - KPA, with Teacher Karen and Teacher Melva went to Rasa Ria Resort to visit our adopted 'Orang Utan'.


  1. A very exciting day, full of new experiences and food! Nase goreng, (I know, I cheated, it is not malay!) coconut juice, coconut pudding and roast oysters.

    I am assured we saw ten-ten, but I am not sure how we would know that. I do know that those orang-tans are very cheeky, and sure do show off!

  2. I should also add that the musicians at Rasa Ria were very generous in sharing their expertise about their kulintangan instruments with me. Thank you to Artina for showing me around the markets (and bartering for me to get better prices!) and to Karen and Melva, Kelly, Julitah, Refella, Alexander and Addie for helping me gain a better understanding of the plight of the orang-utans in the wild, and the success of the program at Rasu Ria.

  3. I am glad you were able to share this wonderful place and the important work they do with Jacqui



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