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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another inspirational Day!

Wednesday July 14, 2010

6.45 am NILAM in the Harmony Hall

8.00 am Co-curriculum Discussion with Mr Salehan Timin and Sabrina Ujin, Co-curriculum activity visits

All students are involved in co-curricula activities and clubs as part of their school program. As the curriculum is so centralised, Surie had identified these activities as a possible focus for several collaborative projects. Salehan coordinates the program, so we discussed potential ideas for development. An obvious area is the environment and conservation, through the Kelab Pencinta Alam (Environmental Club). The club is very active in the school and is involved in a range of project in the school and community. One area of focus is the sponsorship of several orang-utan in the rehabilitation program. This theme fits perfectly with our Year 7 integrated program which currently has a focus on the Indonesian environment and orang-utan rehabilitation.

We also discussed the possibility for collaboration through our Year 9 Personal Best program – an individualised project based program and other Co-curricula groups such as the Cultural club and dance club. Salehan will discuss this further with Surie and relevant staff at SMKDPM.

All students were involved in a range of activities for the first session of the day.
These included:-
· Marching drills for the school sports
· St John’s ambulance
· Red Crescent
· Police cadets
· Army cadets
· Fire brigade
These activities rotate with other clubs on a fortnightly basis throughout the year.

9.00 am Special Education Integration Program Orientation and Activities with Piluh Mathilda Osong
This was an opportunity to visit the teachers and students in the Special Education Program for the students with a hearing disability. The students undertake the same curriculum program as other students but all instruction is in signing or written instruction.
Students in this program come from throughout Sabah. The students face many challenges as they have to be able to sign to communicate in both English and Bahasa Melayu using the American signing language. There could be potential for a project for Tallangatta students to learn signing and communicate through a skype link up. We need to investigate the viability of this as a potential collaboration.
The students were eager to communicate and ask questions about Australia, our school and my opinion of their school and Sabah. We did this with one of their teachers translating for all of us. This was followed by a discussion with Piluh about the aims of the program for these students and the challenges they meet on leaving school.

11.00 am Class visit – Bahasa Melayu with Minnie Suiking
This Form 2 class were reading a short story in Bahasa Melayu, acting out the story and discussing characterisation. For many of the students , Bahasa Melayu is their 2nd language. There were 40 students in the class and all were given the opportunity to contribute to the class during the 40 minute lesson. Prior to the class the students had all contributed to buy me a special drink as they were concerned that I would not be coping with the humid weather – typical of the care and hospitality extended to me throughout the visit.

1.00 pm Class visit – Science with Chong Pik Yen Students were completing an activity on classification of animals. A quiz activity was used to engage students (45 of them) and link the class to the previous lesson. They then worked in groups to identify and classify different animals based on images and pieces of information about animal characteristics. Each group then designed a poster to represent the different classifications of animals.
This group was possibly the most challenging class I visited, both in size of the class and maintaining focus of some of the students.

2.00 pm Class visit – English with Siow May Peng
For many students English is their 3rd language. Class size was about 35 studentsThe topic for the class was informative writing based on the topic of water pollution.Strategies used by the teacher were similar to any Victorian English class at the same level (Year 9/ Form 3)The teacher used images to engage students and have them guess the topic they were going to read about. She then used a combination of short, sharp activities in individual, partner and small group to analyse the passage and re-structure paragraphs. This was followed by a vocabulary activity to ensure understanding. The activity was leading to students writing their own informative writing piece in the next lesson.
All students were engaged in the topic, given the opportunity to contribute to their group and to the whole class and focussed for the whole lesson.

End of school day – Joined staff Exercise for Health Program
This is a weekly session involving staff in a range of physical activity options including badminton, line dancing or working out at the gymnasium.

Homestay - Asrama Puteri
After a meal at an Indian restaurant with Fauziah, Surie and Sabaria, I returned to the school for a night at the student hostel. As well as running the Hair and Beauty program, Sabaria is a warden at the girls’ hostel. The students had prepared a PowerPoint presentation explaining life in the hostel and the activities that are organised to support their academic and personal welfare at the hostel. This was followed by a cultural performance of dance and music in my honour. After the performance I had a long discussion with many of the girls – keeping us all up past the set curfew!


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